Samsung Blackberry 10 Phone will Be released

Samsung Blackberry 10 Phone will Be released - Samsung Attracted Use BlackBerry 10,The best hope to be back up RIM BlackBerry is not 10, but Samsung.

This is explained by the memorandum to investors by investment research firm Jeffries analysts Perter Misek, who said that Samsung will most likely be interested in licensing the BlackBerry 10.

"It looks like RIM is aware that they are in desperate need of a partner. We believe the company is trying to talk with Samsung about licensing BB10 operating system," writes Misek wrote in a note.

Misek's Memorandum of RIM's stock price increases triggered by 4.24 percent to 7.62 dollars per share at the close of trading on Wednesday (8 / / 8/2012) yesterday.

RIM was tangled a number of financial problems, while BB 10 operating system will be the new flagship postponed until early 2013. If true, licensing BB 10 by Samsung will ease the burden of RIM.

So, what is the advantage to be gained by licensing BlackBerry Samsung 10? Recon Analytics analyst Roger Entner said that, with the operating system, the Samsung can access customer demographics that were previously unreachable.

"Samsung can get a way to get into the enterprise segment via e-mail infrastructure," said Entner, as quoted by TechRadar. Entner continued to license BB10 OS, Samsung could also reduce dependence on Google.

Last week, RIM CEO Thorsten Heins admitted that it was strongly considering the option BB10 license to other manufacturers.

Samsung itself has issued a rebuttal statement contains the news that Korean companies are interested in buying RIM or licensing BlackBerry 10.