Is the iPhone 5 imminent? Apple announces Sept. 12 event

Is the iPhone 5 imminent? Apple announces Sept. 12 event - (CBS News) Apple sent out an invitation to members of the press Tuesday for an event on Sept. 12. The company is widely expected to announce its next iPhone.

CNET confirms that the event is to be held at San Francisco's Yerba Buena Center for the Arts.

The invite is simple black text on a white background, with a huge number 12 with the text "It's almost here" above. Below in lieu of a shadow of the number 12, the number 5 appears instead - hinting at an iPhone 5.

The event date falls in line with previous rumors by the blog iMore, which also stated that the iPhone 5 would hit stores on Sept. 21.

The next iPhone screen may be larger - going from 3.5 inches to 4 inches - to rival the Samsung Galaxy S III, which has a 4.8-inch display, according to a Reuters source.

There are no hints of additional product release at this time, though many believe a smaller iPad will be announced either with the iPhone 5 or at a separate event in October.

Rumors of an iPad mini with 7.85-inch display have been circulating for some time. Previously, the Chinese blog NetEase reported that Apple has placed an order for an iPad mini. According to the report, 6 million units have been ordered for release in the third quarter. The smaller tablet is estimated to retail anywhere from $249 to $299.

In March, DigiTimes reported that "makers" in Apple's supply chain have started "delivering samples of a 7.85-inch iPads for verification." Weeks later, a report from the Korea Times cited an unnamed Samsung official that corroborated previous reports of a 7.85-inch tablet.

Citing "several sources," AllThingsD reported last month that an iPad mini will be announced in October and not with the iPhone 5, which is expected to come out in September. 

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